Audition :: The Pillowman

Apr 3 & 4 (Mon & Tue) @ 7pm

  • Katurian (20s-30s) – A writer of gruesome short stories often involving children. His disturbed imagination was the result of having heard his brother being abused when they were younger. Consequently, he killed his parents and looked after his brother.  
  • Michal (20s-30s) –  Katurian’s brother, who is “mentally slow” following his years of abuse at the hands of his parents.
  • Tupolski (30s-50s) – The lead detective and the “good cop” in the interrogation. Cold and uncaring, he sees himself as detached from the people he aims to save.
  • Ariel (30s-50) –  The “bad cop”. A brutal and violent detective who has a vendetta against anyone who commits crimes against children because of abuse in his own past.
  • General Note – These roles will require some “extreme physical actions” on the part of the actors.  There is a fair amount of shoving, hitting. and being dragged around.  Also some work with a firearm. Please be prepared for the rigors/expectations of the role if you are cast.

If you have any questions regarding the show please contact Joseph Pukatsch (the director) at

* Download and Fill Audition Form

Download CSP Audition Form before you show up! In order to save your time, please download the audition form, complete and print it with any PDF reader and bring with you to the audition. ( Download Free PDF Reader )
Copies will be available at the audition if you can not print at home.

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