Moon Over the Brewery

Sep 17, 18, 23, 24, 25 @ 8pm / Sep 19 @ 2pm /2021

written by Bruce Graham
directed by Kathleen M. Kimber
ass’t directed by Caitlin London
with the acting talents of Meg Barton, Jeremiah Dillard, Tami Lunsford and Frank Newton
Miriam, unmarried and living with her thirteen-year-old daughter, Amanda, works as a waitress, but it is her painting that really matters to her. She  also desires male companionship, a need which the precocious Amanda (she has an IQ of 160) has discouraged by driving away suitor after suitor. Amanda has also created an imaginary friend, Randolph, who appears (only to her) in a resplendent white suit and provides mischievous advice and guidance. Matters come to a head when Miriam brings home Warren, a rather unprepossessing mailman who, at first, appears to be a perfect target for Amanda’s (and Randolph’s) caustic remarks and demeaning intelligence tests. Until, that is, he quietly but firmly beats Amanda at her own game. In fact it is the surprisingly resourceful Warren who is able, at last, to wean Amanda away from her dependence on Randolph and into reality—and who, in time, may also be the one able to fill the aching needs of both Amanda and her lonely mother.

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