The Pillowman

Jul 28, 29, Aug 3, 4, 5 @ 8pm / Jul 30 @ 2pm / 2016

written by Martin McDonagh
directed by Joseph Pukatsch

The Pillowman
In an unnamed country living under a police state, short story writer Katurian finds himself locked in an interrogation room, defending himself against accusations that the stories he has crafted bizarrely resemble recent child murders in the town. As he struggles to convince the police that he has nothing to do with these deaths, he expounds on the dark narratives he has crafted and the horrific circumstances that have influenced his mind to create such twisted tales. While very dark and disturbing, the play displays McDonagh’s macabre wit and humor, while presenting a deeply disturbing tale of the artistic temperament and how art can be a dangerous thing.

The 2003 play received the 2004 Olivier Award for Best New Play, the 2004-5 New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award for Best New Foreign Play, and two Tony Awards for production.

This show contains gruesome scenes of violence and strong adult language and content.

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