The George Cope 24-Hour Playwriting Festival

May 12, 8pm / All tickets are $5

Starting at 7pm, May 11th, Seven playwrights will select their casts and then work overnight to create 7 original 10-minute plays. By morning, the plays will be delivered to directors who will then begin rehearsals with their casts. At 8pm, ready or not, the shows will go on (scripts-in-hand is fine). Join us for the creative results. It’s sure to be a fun night for everyone!

Audition: Friday, May 11 th at 7:00 pm
Performance: Saturday, May 12 th at 8:00 pm (YES! 24 HOURS LATER!!)

About the Festival

We are compressing the whole process of writing, rehearsing, and performing 7 plays into 24 hours. After the Friday night auditions, the writers will write overnight the seven plays. Directors will start rehearsals Saturday morning full throttle, speeding to the performance 12 hours later! The Good News: Tech week will now be Tech 30 minutes! The Bad News: This crazy feat of creation will be over in about 24 hours (except for the after party, of course)!  Please note, these performances will be script in hand…no memorization is expected!

Audition Requirements

An adventurous soul with a “We can DO this!” attitude is recommended. Each actor should bring an interesting prop to the audition. As their audition piece, each actor will have up to 2 minutes to “pitch” why the writers should use this oh-so interesting prop in their play. If the actor doesn’t bring a prop, we got your back! We’ll have a selection of less-interesting props to choose from (so bring yours – no explosives, please). If cast, you will need to be available on Saturday from 9:00 am to the end of the performance that night. (Rehearsal times will vary by director).  All actors must be 18 years or older.

See you and your prop on May 11 at 7:00

Please address any questions you may have to Joseph Pukatsch at or  Lyn Anderson  at

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