the Chapel Street Players Board of Directors

    • President: Scott Mason
      • Chair of Facility: vacant
      • Chair of Landscaping: Walt Osborne
    • Executive Vice President: Frank Newton
      • Chair of Scheduling: vacant
      • Chair of Rentals: vacant
    • Treasurer: Zackary Jackson
      • Chair of Development: Meg Barton
    • Secretary: Michelle Opalesky
      • Chair of Donations: William Fellner
      • Chair of E-mail: Nancy Storch

    Vice Presidents & Chairs

    VP of Box Office: Gary KirchhofChair of Ticket Sales: Gary Kirchhof
    Chair of Subscriptions: William Fellner
    VP of Artistic Production: Michelle CullenChair of Props: Susie Moak
    Chair of Costumes: Ann Matthews
    Chair of Auditions: Kathleen Kimber
    NEXT Liaison / 24-hr Festival: vacant
    VP of Technical Production: Brian TouchetteChair of Equipment: vacant
    Chair of Scene Shop: Pete Matthews
    VP of Marketing: Peter KuoChair of Marketing Content: Chris Hankenson
    VP of House Management: Cindy StarcherChair of Hospitality: Reneé G. O’leary
    Chair of Artwork: Nicole Courtney Peirce
    Chair of Facility Supplies: Nicole Courtney Peirce
    VP of Volunteerism: William KingChair of End-of-Season Party: vacant
    Chair of conduct: Judy David
    VP of History: Reneé G. O’leary

    to contact any member of the board please send all e-mail correspondence to and the csp secretary will direct all messages to the correct board member.

    * most Board Members have “Chairs” under their position to assist with the duties of the Board Member. Chairpersons have the option of attending board meetings but are not required to do so. Chairpersons may serve as a Board Member on Duty for shows. For more information about what the responsibilities are of each Chair, go to pages 5-11 of our Bi-laws. If interested in one of the vacant positions below, you can send an e-mail to

    CSP :: By-laws