CSP Annual Volunteers Award

Chapel Street Players presents three awards to our volunteers each year.

Betty Bart Service in Acting Award

This is not necessarily designed to recognize the best on-stage performance of the year, but rather to recognize an actor or actress who goes beyond their role with a show… or who overcomes some challenge in doing a role. For example, one year it was given to an actor who literally broke his leg but went on with the show, anyway. Another season it was given to an actor who experienced a major house fire and yet didn’t miss a single rehearsal.

Marion E Kuscher Technical Service AWARD

This is for any volunteer whose exceptional work behind the scenes (meaning design, production, house… anywhere but on stage) is critical to the success of a particular production or to Chapel Street as a whole.

Forrest & Rosemary Hickman Icon Award

This is for a long-time volunteer whose contribution to Chapel Street’s success (in any aspect of the organization) has been invaluable not just this season but over many years of service.

Eligible candidates for these awards would include anyone from the cast, crew or front of house staff from any show throughout the current season. If you would like to nominate someone from your production for any of the above, please fill in the fields below with the name of the person, their specific role in your production and why (in a paragraph or two) they should receive one of these awards