CSP Annual Awards/Nomination Form

Chapel Street Players presents four awards to our volunteers each year.

Betty Bart Service in Acting Award

This award is for a volunteer who goes beyond their individual role as an actor in a production on stage, for instance overcoming a significant challenge. Their actions have significantly enhanced the success of the play. It is not intended to be a “Best Actor” award but rather recognizes service by an actor with a play beyond the role.

Marion E Kuscher Technical Service Award

This award is for a volunteer whose exceptional work behind the scenes during the season was crucial to the success of a particular production or to the Chapel Street Players season that year as a whole. This includes volunteers working on design, production, house or anywhere but as an actor on stage.

Walt Graham Artistic Achievement Award

This award is for a volunteer who, during the past season or perhaps over several seasons, has demonstrated a commitment to the artistic enhancement of the theater’s productions, albeit on the stage, behind the scenes, or perhaps both. The Award recognizes an individual’s creativity, innovation, commitment to theatrical excellence, and congeniality that further the goals and mission of CSP.

Carol White Customer Service Award

This award is for a volunteer who provides exceptional customer service to a patron or patrons during a specific show or throughout a season. The award acknowledges excellence in the areas of box office, house management, hospitality, concession, etc that directly service patrons, but it is not limited to those areas if the individual(s) have provided outstanding customer focused service.

Forrest & Rosemary Hickman Icon Award

This award is for a volunteer whose contribution to the success of CSP in any aspect of the organization has been invaluable, not just the past season but for at least five years. Such contribution can include such things as fundraising, financial donation, set design, in-house volunteering during performances, building/devising props, and improvements to the facility, to name a few. Once receiving the Icon award, an individual is ineligible to receive it again. Also, due to the uniqueness of this award that at least five years of service are required, it may not always be awarded each year.

Eligible candidates for these awards would include anyone from the cast, crew or front of house staff from any show throughout the current season. If you would like to nominate someone from your production for any of the above, please fill in the fields below with the name of the person, their specific role in your production and why (in a paragraph or two) they should receive one of these awards

    * If the information fails to send, please copy/send the information to iinoftia1@yahoo.com