NEXT Playwriting Group


You enter with a questioning look.

So, what’s this CSP NEXT thing?

  Hey! Glad you asked! Pull up a chair while I launch into this monologue…

Ever had an idea for a play? A movie? Got a yearning to tell a story? Or maybe you’ve written something already and are looking for feedback? Perhaps you want to improve your cold reading ability!

Well, you’re not alone.  NEXT is Chapel Street Players’ playwriting group, a diverse group of playwrights and actors that meet on the 3rd Saturday of each month. NEXT meetings are primarily readings (out-loud vocal performances) of each other’s writings, giving playwrights the chance to hear their script and feel the flow of the work. If desired, each piece is followed by a lively conversation, giving feedback and encouragement.  NEXT members have had their plays produced in every format from staged readings through Off-off-Broadway to international publishing.

A typical NEXT meeting would look like:

  • Greetings and donuts.
  • Reading and discussing the last act of a member’s adaptation of “Alice in Wonderland.”
  • Discussing a member’s idea for a short play.
  • Reading and discussing the first 3 scenes of a member’s horror movie script
  • Perhaps one more donut.
  • A short discussion on how a member resolved issues discovered during a previous reading.
  • A quick update on the upcoming Play Festival.

NEXT also produces the annual George Cope 24-Hour Play Festival in which 6 short plays are written, rehearsed, and performed in the space of a day. Held each Spring, this festival is a great opportunity and challenge for writers, actors, and directors alike. 

So, if you’re wondering what the NEXT thing is, we hope it’s you and your creative energy at the NEXT playwriting meeting at Chapel Street Players!

WHAT: NEXT Playwriting Meeting
WHEN: 3rd Saturday of each month
TIME: 9am-noon (feel free to drop-in and leave as your schedule allows)
LOCATION: Chapel Street Theatre – parking in the rear of building
WHO: Writers, actors, directors, and anyone else interested.