the 79 Season Annual One-Act Showcase

Sept 21, 22, 27, 28, 29 @ 8pm / Sept 23 @ 2pm / 2014

Piece of Cake

written and directed by George Cope

Bar and Kevin, strangers to each other, have only a few hours to co-author a one-act play. Inexperienced – frantic to avoid public humiliation – they resort to shameless plagiarism and manic improvisation to help save their jobs and reputations.

Riders to the Sea

written by J. M. Synge
directed by Nancy Kersey

Rural Irish fishermen eke their living from the raging sea under the constant menace of death.

Tech Night 4’33”

written by Vaughan Ellerton
directed by Connie Regan
A pretentious actor and a down-to-earth “tech guy” debate the place of silence in theatre.

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the 79th Season Annual One-Act Showcase

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