Audition :: Come Back to the 5 and Dime..

Date: Jan 30, 31 @ 7pm(Sun&Mon)

Characters –

NOTE: the ages below are what the characters are supposed to be. I am looking for people who can appear to be that age or play that age. It also depends on the whole ensemble, the women need to be believably around the same age (exceptions are Juanita who is older and Edna who is younger). Southern accent, Texas to be specific.

  • Juanita (female aged 45-60)-owner of the five and dime, very religious and has a provincial attitude especially about LGTBQ+.
  • Mona (female aged late 30’s,early 40’s) – supposed mother of James Dean’s son. Multidimensional character, neurotic, fragile psyche and has convinced herself that her lies are true.
  • Sissy – (female aged late 30’s,early 40’s) – Trashy-flashy (tight dresses, lots of makeup and cheap jewelry). Was the girl who “put out” in school. Important for this character is that she has rather large breasts. They don’t have to be real as we’ll discuss at auditions. We’ll work this out but the actress must be okay with that.
  • Joanne (female aged late 30’s,early 40’s) – sophisticated and well-dressed, gives the impression of a professional but we don’t know for sure. Was assigned male at birth and is transgender. Her dead name was “Joe.”
  • Stella May (female aged late 30’s,early 40’s) – loud, boisterous and obnoxious. local girl who married into money. Now lives far away, in a city.
  • Edna Louise (female – a few years younger than the rest) – visibly pregnant with her 7th child. Timid and self-effacing.
  • Young Mona (late teens) – Mona as a teenager
  • Young Sissy (late teens) – Sissy as a teenager
  • Joe (male late teens) – went to high-school with others and part of the disciples group, experienced hate and harassment because of who he is.

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