Audition :: Holy Traffic!

Jan 9 & 10 (Mon & Tue) @ 7pm // callback: Jan 13 (Fri)

Tony Dallariva, a restaurant proprietor (early 60s).
Joey Dallariva, Tony’s elder brother (early 60s).
Millie, a Rastafarian and Tony’s employee (50s).
Earl, an evangelical (30s)
Mason, an evangelical (30s)
Dillon, an evangelical (30s)
Golda Levine, ad hoc voodooist (early 60s)
Phyllis Solomons, ad hoc voodooist (early 60s)
Marsha Freibaum, ad hoc voodooist (early 60s)
Hotel Housekeeper (50s)
Mrs Prattle, a landlady (50s).
Brother Bazelzegoth, a satanist (50s)
Beelzebub’s Daughter, a satanist (50s)
The Shaman, a Neopagan (30s)
Florence, a Neopagan (30s)
Daffodil, a Neopagan (30s)
Gino, an intercessory spirit (60s)
First Police Officer (30s)
Second Police Officer (30s)
Gerald Goldstein, FBI Agent (50s)
Father Musculare, Tony’s priest (70s)
Tommy Mangano (50s)
Claudia, Tony’s ex-wife (50s)

CHARACTER DOUBLING: Given the large cast of characters, many of whom have very small parts, actors need not be confined to a single role but may play two or more. By this means, the play can be staged with twelve actors. The following roles may be performed by the same actor:

Millie / Housekeeper
Landlady / Golda Levine
Beelzebub’s Daughter / Phyllis Solomons
Brother Bazelzegoth / Tommy Mangano
Florence / Dillon / First Police Officer
Daffodil / Earl / Second Police Officer
The Shaman / Mason
Marsha / Claudia
Gino / Gerald Goldstein

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