Audition :: Pippin

Audition dates: Mar 4 & 5 (Mon & Tues) @ 7:00pm

Audition Information

Please prepare 16-32 bars of a musical theatre song in the style of the show. Bring sheet music to the audition (there will be an accompanist). Be prepared to learn a short dance from the show, and wear shoes and clothes you can move in.

    • Leading Player
      A physical embodiment of Pippin’s fears and longings. Alternates between tempting Pippin to destruction and helping him find his path. Must be a very strong actor, singer, and dancer.
      Gender: Any
      Age: Any
      Vocal Range: Db3 – Ab4
      Dance: Required
    • Pippin
      A young man full of ambition, excitement, longing, and frustration. Must be a strong actor and singer.
      Gender: Male
      Age: 18-30
      Vocal Range: G2 – Ab4
      Dance: Required
    • Charlemagne
      King of the Holy Roman Empire, a very proud and war-obsessed man.
      Gender: Male
      Age: 40+
      Vocal Range: G2 – E4
      Dance: not required
    • Fastrada
      Pippin’s beautiful, clever, and manipulative stepmother, desperate to secure the throne for her own son, Lewis.
      Gender: Female
      Age: 30-40
      Vocal Range: A3 – F5
      Dance: Required
    • Lewis
      Charlemagne and Fastrada’s son, athletic but not intelligent, and completely full of himself.
      Gender: Male
      Age: 18-30
      Vocal Range: not applicable
      Dance: not required
    • Berthe
      Pippin’s wonderfully wise and sassy grandmother who teaches him to live life to the fullest.
      Gender: Female
      Age: 50+
      Vocal Range: E3 – C5
      Dance: Required (minimal)
    • Catherine
      Pippin’s love interest, a widow and mother who shows him the joy and misery of a normal life.
      Gender: Female
      Age: 25-35
      Vocal Range: F#3 – Db5
      Dance: not required
    • Theo
      Catherine’s young son.
      Gender: Male
      Age: 7-10
      Vocal Range: not applicable
      Dance: not required
    • The Players
      Ensemble of sideshow-esque performers. Must sing and dance. Other circus/sideshow style talents (acrobatics, baton twirling, etc.) are a plus!

    Show Date: Jun 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22 @ 8pm / Jun 9, 16 @ 2pm / 2019

* Before the Audition

  • Download CSP Audition Form before you show up! In order to save your time, please download the audition form, complete and email to the director. ( Download Free PDF Reader )
  • Please review the CSP Code of Conduct and return the consent formCSP Code of Conduct ensures that we not only have fun but that all feel welcome and that it is a safe environment for all. The purpose is to define accepted/acceptable behaviors, to promote high standards of practice and to establish a framework for professional behaviors and responsibilities.
    ( The consent form only needs to be completed once. )
*Copies will be available at the audition if you can not print at home.

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