Dead Man’s Cell Phone

Nov 9, 10, 15, 16, 17 @8pm / Nov 11 @2pm / 2018

written by Sarah Ruhl
directed by Tanya Lazar
with the acting talents of ​Ray Barto​, ​Meg Barton​, ​Lindsay Brahl​, Marlene Hummel, Sean Kelly​, Cindy Starcher and ​Tricia Sullivan

Dead Man's Cell PhoneThese days our lives seem to be encompassed in the little machine that is attached to us at all times and is liable to go off at any time. How often do we say “My life is in this thing” but don’t really stop to think how true that is. In this comedic look at the ever present technologic wonder of our cell phones that both connect us to and isolate us from the world, Sarah Ruhl shows us how little we know of the human beings who surround us.

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Nov 9 @ 8 PMNov 10 @ 8 PMNov 11 @ 2 PM
Nov 15 @ 8 PMNov 16 @ 8 PMNov 17 @ 8 PM
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