Let’s Play a Game

Attention: Special discount mystery game for our Annual Renee G. O’Leary FUNdraiser

This June our annual FUNdaiser will be Scott F. Mason’s “Who-Dame-Dunnit” and all tickets are $20.00. However, you can save $2 on your ticket price by collecting our own CSP clue cards during each of our four main stage shows in 2015-16. During each show you can pick up a unique card featuring a character from the June show. Collect all four cards and you can turn them into the Box Office in June when you buy your ticket for a $2 discount. Please note that you must collect each of the four unique cards, one set of four cards can be used for one ticket discount only, and no multiple discounts can be applied to one ticket purchase. If you have any questions you can contact us or check with Box Office staff, ushers, or other volunteers when you attend a show!

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