Murder On Cue

Renee G. O’Leary FUNdraiser
Jun 8, 9, 14, 15, 16 @8pm / Jun 10 @2pm / 2018

written by Scott F. Mason
directed by Scott F. Mason
with the acting talents of Zachary Jackson, Patricia Lake, Courtney Lynahan, Pete Matthews, Heather McCarty, Renee G. O’Leary, Walt Osborne, Tony Torca and Brittany Wilson


Murder On Cue— Some famous British playwright once wrote “All the world’s a stage…” and that inspired our 55th annual Renee’ G. O’Leary FUNdraiser, “Murder on Cue”. Twenty years ago CSP tried to present this original comedy-mystery by local playwright (and frequent Dame Edna impersonator) Scott Mason, but alas our production was interrupted by…. a murder! (or was it really?) You never know what is real and what is staged with this wickedly clever and comical theatrical experience. What starts out as a spoof of the classic board game “Clue” spirals into the secret “passages” that exist in Newark’s Official Community Theatre. Are actors getting too far into the part of a murderer? Is the stage manager calling a deadly cue? Is the “box” in “Box Office” a pine one about 6 ft long? Or is the audience a killer one? Perhaps there is more diabolical drama off-stage then on in this encore production. Could it possibly be “curtains” for a beloved CSP favorite (even though we don’t actually have a stage curtain at CSP!)? BE AWARE: Pay attention from the moment you arrive at the theater or you may just find yourself laughing to death but… clueless.

* Mark Your Calendar

Jun 8 @ 8 PMJun 9 @ 8 PMJun 10 @ 2 PM
Jun 14 @ 8 PMJun 15 @ 8 PMJun 16 @ 8 PM
All Tickets:$20 // No Discounts. No Complimentary Passes

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