Audition :: Moon Over the Brewery

Audition dates: Jan 13 & 14 (Mon & Tues) @ 7:00pm
Possible Callback if necessary : Jan 16 (Thu) @ 7:00pm

Director, Kathleen M. Kimber, and Assistant Director, Christie Cerminaro, seek actors for the CSP production of “Moon Over The Brewery”, by Bruce Graham. The audition will consist of cold readings from the script. Sides can be requested by contacting the director at

The roles to be filled are:

  • Amanda Waslyk: a precocious teenager with an IQ of 160, she assumes most of the adult responsibilities in her relationship with her mother. (Any age, but must be able to pass as a teenager
  • Miriam Waslyk: Amanda’s mother, an artistic free-spirit determined to make the best of her lot in life, devoted to her daughter but also vulnerable to loneliness (20-40)
  • Randolph: Amanda’s imaginary friend who gives voice and action to her mischievous feelings (Any age)
  • Warren Zimmerman (mid-40s): a mailman by trade, comfortable with his station in life, his experience is his weapon against Amanda’s intelligence (30+)


Show Date: Apr 24, 25, 30, May 1, 2 @8pm / Apr 26 @2pm / 2020

* Before the Audition

  • Download CSP Audition Form before you show up! In order to save your time, please download the audition form, complete and email to the director. ( Download Free PDF Reader )
  • Please review the CSP Code of Conduct and return the consent formCSP Code of Conduct ensures that we not only have fun but that all feel welcome and that it is a safe environment for all. The purpose is to define accepted/acceptable behaviors, to promote high standards of practice and to establish a framework for professional behaviors and responsibilities.
    ( The consent form only needs to be completed once. )
*Copies will be available at the audition if you can not print at home.

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