an evening of One Act Plays

Sep 29, 30, Oct 5, 6, 7 @8pm / Oct 1 @2pm
Location:  George Wilson Center

Address: 303 New London Rd, Newark, DE 19711

*Some of the acts contain adult language

Grave Wars
written by Bret Ioli
directed by Brian M. Touchette
with the acting talents of Rachel Barton, Tami Lunsford and Cindy Starcher
While tending to adjacent headstones in a cemetery, two women discuss family dynamics (their children were married), an upcoming grandchild’s birthday party as well as topics that are uncomfortable for both of them.

written by Bill Potter
directed by Nicole Pierce
with the acting talents of Paul Bielewicz Jr., Amy Culver and Nancy Kersey
Beverly contemplating suicide on a bridge because of her annoying husband. Beth lives/ hangout at bridge talking her out of suicide because she doesn’t want the trouble. Officer Stewart light hearted sympathetic cop at very end.

Happy Days
written by Thomas Ott
directed by Christine Seisler
with the acting talents of Alex Bock and Nick Keresztury
When 2 men meet in a park, the possibility of a new friendship is upon them. There is one thing that can stop this before it even starts.

The Stronger
written by August Strindberg
directed by Bill Fellner
with the acting talents of Karen Shanks and Tina Walls
MME.X runs into her husband’s former mistress, MLLE.Y, on Christmas Eve in a cafe. MME.X comes to realize the extent to which the affair has affected her married life. We are invited to contemplate which of the two women is “the stronger”.

Love Beyond the Stars 
written and directed by Brian Smith
with the acting talents of Fallon Berg, Patrick Cathcart, Nance Reeves and Victor Wiebe
The story is about a time traveler from a different world falls in love with the man who discovered her planet.

written by Alice Gerstenberg
directed by Michelle Cullen
with the acting talents of Fallon Berg, Melody Bock and Rocky Cathcart
Mrs. Pringle is preparing to host a dinner party to introduce her daughter, Elaine, to the city’s most eligible bachelor, Oliver Farnsworth. Illness and a blizzard force some guests to cancel and the three characters are compelled to try to salvage the evening.

Morning on Mimosa Lane 
written by Gwen Armstrong Barker
directed by Susan Moak
with the acting talents of Meg Barton and Susie Moak
The play is an example of friendship between 2 women and the relationships they have with the men in their lives and each other.

There shall be no bottom  (a bad play for worse actors)
written by Mark O’Donnell
directed by Bill and Susan King
with the acting talents of Kelley Bielewicz, Alex Bock, Robert Chase and Ahmed Khan
Jeff misinterprets his lines, Joe skips large sections of dialogue, Jane tries to hold the production together, and the fourth actor’s stuck in traffic. Poor acting is afoot as three actors and a stage manager attempt to perform a drawing room drama.

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