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(A. Renaldi) The Pillowman

submitted By Anthony Renaldi

The Pillowman, is a 2003 play in three acts by Irish playwright Martin McDonagh. This black comedy tells the story of Katurian (Jimmy Van Buren), an amoral writer of fiction, who lives in an unnamed totalitarian state and who is interrogated regarding the gruesome content of his short stories because they closely resemble recent child murders in his town.

(DEArtsInfo) Chapel Street Tells a Dark Tale in “The Pillowman”

By Mike Logothetis

Somewhere at the confluence of Poe, Kafka and Tarantino lies Martin McDonagh’s spellbinding play,The Pillowman. While some would label this as black comedy, I believe it is more dramatic realism. The feelings I had when processing the Chapel Street Players production on my walk home from the theater dealt more with unhealthy realistic possibilities than with sinister “what ifs.”

But my own petty internal arguments should not stop you from getting a ticket to this week’s final run of shows — because this is a play you should experience.