CSPectacular :: A Night of One Acts and 80th Season Preview

Sept 12, 13 @ 8pm / Sept 13 @ 2pm

80_oneactChamber Music

written by Arthur Kopit
directed by Christie Cerminaro
featuring Susan Boudreaux, Pat Cullinane, Vaughan Ellerton, April Kendra, Jim Kendra, Kathleen M. Kimber, Lisa Osicky, Cindy Starcher, Tricia LaRock Sullivan and Jenn Wilson

The story is set in 1938 at an insane asylum and concerns eight women who believe they are famous women from different historical periods: Joan of Arc, Amelia Earhart, Gertrude Stein, Susan B. Anthony, Queen Isabella of Spain, Constanze Mozart, actress Pearl White, and explorer Osa Johnson. They have come together to represent the women of the asylum in planning for an attack they believe is soon to come from the men’s ward.


Missing Life

written by Michael Collins
directed by Connie Regan
featuring Kevin Austra, Catherine Enslen, Kathleen M. Kimber, Frank Newton and Kelly Paustian

“Missing Life” explores the ripples that extend and destroy the lives of those surrounding a vanished girl. Through a series of monologues, the audience experiences the consequences of mystery and grief long after a child disappears.

Shakespeare’s Bromance

written and directed by Alan Harbaugh
with additional dialogue by W. Shakespeare
featuring Stephen Ashby, Ben Caruccio, Jake Dougherty, Athena Gregory, Kate Harbaugh and Christian Watson

Hamlet is having issues in his love life. Lucky for him, his buddies Macbeth, Benedick, and Romeo are full of advice. Really, really full of it. Fortunately there’s Viola, disguised as the messenger boy Cesario, trying to add a little sanity to the testosterone-loaded chaos.


The Sisterhood of the Tragic Nightgown

written by Mary Catherine Kelley
with additional dialogue by W. Shakespeare
directed by Alan Harbaugh

featuring Keyzia DelCollo, Jessica Edler, Kacie Hendrikson and Shannon Stehle

We may all be familiar with the untimely demise of some of Shakespeare’s greatest female characters like Lady Macbeth, Desdemona, Ophelia, and Juliet. But what happens then? Tragic and magic lay in wait for these four ladies with just one thing on their mind, “What the *!@&$# just happened?”

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Sep 12 @ 8 pmSep 13 @ 2 pm
Sep 13 @ 8 pm

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