Murder On Cue

Renee G. O’Leary FUNdraiser
Jun 8, 9, 14, 15, 16 @8pm / Jun 10 @2pm / 2018

written by Scott F. Mason
directed by Scott F. Mason


Murder On Cue— Some famous British playwright once wrote “All the world’s a stage…” and that inspired our 55th annual Renee’ G. O’Leary FUNdraiser, “Murder on Cue”. Twenty years ago CSP tried to present this original comedy-mystery by local playwright (and frequent Dame Edna impersonator) Scott Mason, but alas our production was interrupted by…. a murder! (or was it really?) You never know what is real and what is staged with this wickedly clever and comical theatrical experience. What starts out as a spoof of the classic board game “Clue” spirals into the secret “passages” that exist in Newark’s Official Community Theatre. Are actors getting too far into the part of a murderer? Is the stage manager calling a deadly cue? Is the “box” in “Box Office” a pine one about 6 ft long? Or is the audience a killer one? Perhaps there is more diabolical drama off-stage then on in this encore production. Could it possibly be “curtains” for a beloved CSP favorite (even though we don’t actually have a stage curtain at CSP!)? BE AWARE: Pay attention from the moment you arrive at the theater or you may just find yourself laughing to death but… clueless.

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Jun 8 @ 8 PMJun 9 @ 8 PMJun 10 @ 2 PM
Jun 14 @ 8 PMJun 15 @ 8 PMJun 16 @ 8 PM
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