NEXT Showcase

Live Stream: 5/21,22 7:30pm / 5/23 2:30p,m

NEXT is a group of playwrights and actors that meet regularly to read aloud members’ works so the playwrights can hear their words come to life.  The  shows in the Next Showcase are written by two of these talented playwrights.

  • Our Time by Brian Smith: A couple on the verge of divorce reminisce about falling in and out of love while being worlds apart.
  • Life in a Glass Jar by Bill Potter is a pandemic murder mystery full of betrayal, murder, and unexpected love.

A Night of One Acts

Directed by Michelle Cullen/Judith A. David

Live Stream: 4/23,24 7:30pm / 4/25@2:30pm


The Last Comedienne– Three female comics vie for the grand prize in the National Comedienne Joke-Off. While waiting to go on, they show us a peek into who they really are and what lies behind the laughs.

Wham! Bam! – What’s a heroine to do when her super hero husband is more interested in saving the world than saving their relationship?

The Nature of the Beast – Gossip? Who me? As four women come and go in a doctor’s waiting room, they show why you should keep your friends close and your frenemies closer.



Written and Directed by Michelle Cullen
*loosely based on a Buster Keaton movie of the same name

Meg Barton, Judy David, Chris Hankenson, Zack Jackson, Pete Matthews, Susie Moak,
Walt Obsorne, Michelle Opalesky, Leslie Green Shapiro and André Wilkins

Live Stream: 2/12,13 7:30pm / 2/14 2:30p,m

What would you do for 30 million dollars? Would you do the thing you most dread? Perpetual bachelor, Jimmy James is enjoying his single life but finds himself in a self-imposed financial disaster. His only way out is to get married, fast. Egged on by his friends, Jimmy engages in a wacky search for Mrs. Right Now.


Virtual Variety Show: DE’s Day of Giving

Live Stream: 3/4 7:30pm

Join Chapel Street Players for our first ever virtual variety show, featuring volunteers performing monologues, stand-up comedy, poetry, and song. While the event may be free, our show is being offered on Delaware’s Day of Giving, so all donations will be matched by the Delaware Division of the Arts. We will also be having a competition to see which performer can raise the most in donations during their act, so make sure you support your favorite artist..


One Dame Night of Pandemic Pandemonium


Live Stream: 9/26 7:30pm

Dame Edna shows up to Chapel Street theater expecting to perform to a packed house of her CSP fans, but the pandemic has created pandemonium for the gigastar and her crew! A live stream of laughter with the Dame’s unexpurgated unsuspecting understudy!

Featuring her assistant, One Lung Ho, and Production Manager, Mr. Brian.

Spoon River Anthology

FEATURING Genevieve Aucoin, Ray Barto, Meg Barton, Ruth Brown, Steve Connor, Judy David, Maureen Dintino, Dave Hastings, Lori Ann Johnson, Lisa Osicky, Jerry Roman, Carol Van Zoeren

Live Stream: 10/23, 24 7:30pm & 10/25 2:30 pm

Spoon River is a fictional small town, named after the real Spoon River that runs through parts of Illinois. Edgar Lee Masters’ 1915 anthology consists of short epitaphs for some 212 of the town’s residents — not the ones on their gravestones, but the ones that they carry in their hearts. Quoting one reviewer, the town is “populated with thieves, snobs, nature lovers, the downtrodden, the exalted, happy husbands and wives, miserable husbands and wives, people corrupted by power, touched with grace and some by greed.“ In our adaptation we will meet about a quarter of these denizens.

The Mysterious Death of Madame Marcardi

Created by Mason’s Made-to-Order Mysteries

Live Stream: 11/16-21 7:30pm

The famous psychic (or is she?) Madame Marcardi is found dead with a knife in her back at a dinner party hosted by millionaire and amateur sleuth, Frederick Worthington III. Whodunnit? The host himself? His good friend? The Countess? The Senator? The Actress? The Cook? or the Butler? No, in this case the butler definitely did not do it as he will be the nightly host for a live stream where each night clues will be shown, suspects interrogated, and vignettes shown to help you solve whodunnit. A new episode is shown each evening of the week, with a recap of all episodes on Saturday afternoon, and then the solution to the murder. You, as an audience member, get to ask questions of Fendleton the butler, to help you solve the crime! It is light-hearted fun and games for the amateur sleuth inside you! 

Ep 111/16 7:30pm11/21 2:00pm
Ep 211/17 7:30pm11/21 3:00pm
Ep 311/18 7:30pm11/21 4:00pm
Ep 411/19 7:30pm11/21 5:00pm
Ep 511/20 7:30pm11/21 6:00pm
REVEAL11/21 7:30pm

Miracle On 34th Street : a live radio play
















Live Stream: 12/10, 11 7:30pm & 12/12 2:30 pm

The heartwarming holiday classic retold in the tradition of a live 1940’s era radio broadcast. When a department store Santa claims he’s the real Kris Kringle, his case gets taken all the way to the Supreme Court. Watch the miracle unfold when the belief of a little girl makes all the difference in this iconic story. This adaptation includes holiday tunes and is being broadcast online for the first time ever – Miracle on 34th Street is sure to melt even the most cynical of hearts.

Click to watch it live: 
Live: 12/10 7:30pm (Thu)
Live: 12/11 7:30pm (Fri)
Live: 12/12 2:30pm (Sat)

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