CSP is a volunteer-based community theatre that is open to non-traditional casting which is color conscious, disability-inclusive, and accepts actors identifying as any gender.

Audition :: Deathtrap

Date: 5/21 @ 1pm & 5/22 @ 7pm (Sat/Sun)
Callbacks: 5/23

Show Date: Sep 16, 17, 22, 23, 24 @ 8pm / Sep 18 @ 2pm

Synopsis: Comfortably ensconced in his charming Connecticut home, Sidney Bruhl, a successful playwright of Broadway thrillers, is struggling with a dry spell, resulting in a string of failures and a shortage of funds. A potential break in his fortunes occurs when he receives a script from a student in the seminar he conducted at a nearby college—a thriller which Sidney recognizes immediately as potential Broadway hit. Sidney’s plan, which he devises with his wife’s help, is to offer collaboration to the student, an idea which the younger man quickly accepts. Suspense mounts steadily as the plot begins to twist and turn with devilish cleverness, and with such an abundance of thrills and laughter, that will keep audiences enthralled through until the play’s final, startling moments..

Note: Auditions be held on Saturday, May 21 at 1 pm and Sunday, May 22 at 7 pm. Callbacks will be held on Monday, May 23 and are required for consideration to be cast. Auditions will consist of cold readings from the play.
Please signup: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70a0b4fafa723a1fd0-deathtrap

Certain characters will be involved in staged violence, including using weapons and “blood,” during rehearsal and production.

  • Sidney Bruhl: Lead, Male, 40-60
    polished, dashing, devious, clever, sardonic and sarcastic; thinks he’s the smartest man in the room and wants people to know it.
  • Clifford Anderson: Lead, Male, 18-30
    a student; very attractive boyish and handsome at the same time; physically fit; he is very clever; knows he’s the smartest man in the room; covers it with innocence, affection, and naïveté.
  • Myra Bruhl: Supporting, Female, 40-60
    sophisticated, upper-class, but embraces her country life with Sydney; innocent, sweet, caring,
    emotional, nervous, even skittish, supportive of Sydney’s career and moods but grows some backbone when he crosses the line.
  • Helga ten Dorp: Supporting, 25+
    psychic. wild, individual, Gypsy-like; in and out of her world and this world; knows she’s a celebrity and buys into the show of her gift; has a broken (fake?) Dutch or German accent; is disarming and brave when faced with pain and violence.
  • Proctor Milgrim: Supporting, Male, 30+
    professional, solid, observant, Proctor is Sydney’s loyal attorney.

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations
Rehearsals are to be determined and will be scheduled around actors’ availability; runs September 16-24; conflicts after September 2 must be approved. All rehearsals and performances will be in Chapel Street Players.

* Before the Audition

  • Download CSP Audition Form before you show up! In order to save your time, please download the audition form, complete and email to the director. ( Download Free PDF Reader )
  • Please review the CSP Code of Conduct CSP Code of Conduct ensures that we not only have fun but that all feel welcome and that it is a safe environment for all. The purpose is to define accepted/acceptable behaviors, to promote high standards of practice and to establish a framework for professional behaviors and responsibilities.
*Copies will be available at the audition if you can not print at home.

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