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Audition :: reasons to be pretty

Date: 9/24 @ 1pm & 9/27 @ 7pm (Sat/Tue)
Callbacks: 9/29

Gwen Armstrong Barker is seeking four actors (2M, 2F playing age 25-35) for this February production. Actors should come prepared for cold readings from the script (sides provided). See below for an overview of the play and characters. If you have questions, please contact Gwen directly at gwenarmstrongbarker@gmail.com . Chapel Street is a volunteer organization, all roles are unpaid.

The Play

Synopsis: Greg is overheard saying some unflattering things about his girlfriend Steph’s appearance.  When she challenges him on this and leaves him, Greg tries to win her back and begins to examine his life more deeply.  This Tony Award nominated play is warm and funny as it takes on a sensitive topic bravely and with real grace.

About the story: The play centers on two very tightly knit couples.  Greg/Kent are best friends and Steph/Carly are best friends; Kent/Carly are married and Greg/Steph share an apartment and have been together for four years.   All but Steph work in the same supermarket warehouse, on the night shift (basic crew, no customers – also the bottom rung of most work environments).  The two couples have known each other since high school; Greg was by far the best student and the others still think of him this way, even he didn’t get far into his college career before quitting (none of the rest of the group have gone to college at all). 

All the character are dealing with growing insecurity.  Untested in many ways, they don’t have lists of accomplishments, adventures or obstacles they’ve overcome to give them confidence.  They have a history of living the life that’s in front of them; taking the job that’s offered, dating the girl (or guy) that’s there… Their life stories are simple: they go to work, they go home, they party on their days off.   All are at a point where they’re starting to see adulthood stretching out in front of them and not liking the looks of it.

Sign Up for a Time Slot: 

To sign up for an audition time slot at https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0E4AA8AF2EA4FAC70-reasons .  Indicate in the comments if you’d like to receive the sides for the role(s) you’ll be reading for.

The Characters

Greg – (M, 25 to 35) Never the type to pursue something that’s not offered, Greg’s become a master at using detachment to protect himself.  So he downplays his affections, doesn’t work too well or too much and tries hard not to want anything very much.  He’s the brightest person in most of the rooms he’s in (because of the rooms he’s choosing) and this means something to him.  

Steph– (F, 25 to 35) Has a lot of love to give but no one seems very interested in taking it.  She hasn’t found a healthy place to direct her significant energies – so it bursts out in very unhelpful ways.   She has had enough of the world treating her as an afterthought

Kent – (M, 25 to 35) Attractive and athletic, Kent has a surface confidence.  If you asked him, he would tell you he’s an alpha-male, but his insecurity persistently shows something else. The world has taught him that men are either bullies or pussies and there’s nothing worse than being a pussy.  He’s probably not nearly as much of a jackass as he seems to be…if he didn’t have to constantly prove his manhood. 

Carly – (F, 25 to 35) Kent’s wife and one of the security guards at the warehouse.  She’s very attractive and is under the mistaken impression that that’s the only thing about her that’s special.  She has her hands full with Kent and when he’s inadvertently hurtful, she can act out.

Warehouse Crew: Also looking for 2 to 4 able bodied men or women to be warehouse workers.  These unscripted roles will be costumed in warehouse coveralls, perform stage crew duties (moving furniture etc.) and be free to ad lib with one another, Greg, Kent, Carly and Steph, and possibly the audience while scene change music plays.   This is a nice opportunity for new or returning actors to test the waters or for more experienced actors who want to work on improv skills, body work or being in the moment on stage.   Rehearsals for these roles will mostly occur tech week (with possibly one or two rehearsals before that) so the time commitment is relatively small.

* Before the Audition

  • Download CSP Audition Form before you show up! In order to save your time, please download the audition form, complete and email to the director. ( Download Free PDF Reader )
  • Please review the CSP Code of Conduct CSP Code of Conduct ensures that we not only have fun but that all feel welcome and that it is a safe environment for all. The purpose is to define accepted/acceptable behaviors, to promote high standards of practice and to establish a framework for professional behaviors and responsibilities.
*Copies will be available at the audition if you can not print at home.

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