Brian Touchette

Brian is celebrating his 26th year here at CSP. He has been seen in various roles here at CSP including sound/light design, actor, set design/building, stage manager and his favorite role – Directing. He thanks the cast and crew for their amazing talent to bring this production to life. 

Director’s Message

My first CSP show opened in September 1993. Less than seven months later, I had my directorial debut in this theatre. My experiences at CSP helped me to grown in many ways over the past 25 years, but the way in which I think I’ve grown the most is as a director. I’ve learned how to be a better director from so many individuals: working with other directors, ass’t directors, backstage crew, actors and even audience members here at CSP and other local community theatres. All have helped me to learn, improve and become a more confident director.

I first read the script for One Flew Over the Cuckoo‘s Nest over four years ago. I was less than 20 pages in and I knew I had to direct this. The writing is exquisite, the themes are rich and varied and Cuckoo’s Nest, while written in early 1960s, still holds up as a relevant piece of theatre. What drew me to “Cuckoo’s Nest” was the complexity of themes and how we could represent them from the characterization, costumes, props used, lighting, sound, projection and the set design and decoration. I truly hope that you feel that all of these elements help to immerse you into this world – and please come up and tell me what you thought after! I love hearing what you thought different elements meant and learning from you so I can become a better director.

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