(Submitted Review) Memory of Water

I went to see the “The Memory Of Water” yesterday afternoon. It was pretty wonderful. All the actors were great, the set superb, and the direction tight. It was a community theater homerun.

With that being said, I really want to talk about Susie Moak and Susan Boudreaux.
There was something especially captivating when they were on stage together. It just worked, the way pizza works with beer. The delivery of their dialogue popped with anger, joy, and most importantly tenderness.

Like I said everyone did great, Lori Ann Johnson is a marvelous drunk and makes the best faces when in the background, Cyndi Romer was a delight as the semi-comedic/tragic sister; Dave Hastings was a wonderful cad; and Frank Newton was great as the henpecked husband that eventually grows a backbone.

But still, When Moak and Boudreaux worked together I was transfixed.

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